We operate with a dedicated and efficient team offering our extensive knowledge, contacts and successful operations in the demanding conditions of this particular shipping area.
Specialist services in handling of high, wide and heavy cargos as well as large break bulk shipments in complex environments on a door-to-door or port-to-port basis throughout the world.

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Conventional Cargo

For particularly heavy and bulky goods which cannot be loaded onto container ships, traditional heavy-cargo ships with heavy-lifting facilities are used, which were specifically designed for handling abnormal cargoes. These ships have heavy-cargo cranes which are able to load and discharge even the heaviest of such cargoes.

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Break bulk CARGO

Break bulk shipments are offered by Waterway Shipping Agency (S) Pte. Ltd. for crates, cases, machines, generators and ships’ propellers up to a weight of 100 tonnes, as well as other goods. The fast transport of these shipments is assured by container ships with regular scheduled services. The loading of goods up to 90 tonnes is carried out by a container bridge and floating cranes are used for weights over 90 tonnes.

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We offer Ro/Ro shipments for the freight vehicle sector, the ships used are equipped with drive-on decks, onto which the load is rolled. For this type of transport, the vehicle trailers are moved with chains or with tyre-fitted equipment, so that this system can be used even for non-motorized vehicle trailers. In this regard, particular emphasis is placed by Waterway Shipping Agency (S) Pte. Ltd. on the use of mobile cranes. Facilities for high or heavy loads, as well as the loading of turnkey cargoes on MAFI trailers, round off our portfolio of services. Special tractor units (tug masters) are used for standard vehicle trailers.

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Worldwide shipments – quickly and efficiently, that is the comprehensive service offered by Waterway Shipping Agency (S) Pte. Ltd. for FCL Export. Our "Full Steam Service" for routes to Asia provides a particularly rapid handling of transport arrangements. Many years of cooperation with the best ocean carriers, guarantees you a large choice of departures and fast transit times. Consolidation and shipping is available as LCL/FCL and the initial transport arrangements are made either by truck, rail or inland waterway. It is also possible to arrange the in-country collection of empty containers.

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"Waterway Shipping Agency (S) Pte. Ltd. “ bringing the world closer" is a phrase that very much applies to LCL Export. We offer you weekly consolidated shipment routes to all parts of the world - often several departures per week to main Asian ports. Most containers are stowed by us at our own packing warehouses. You can always rely on a first-class service: safe and secure loading of hazardous goods, use of proficient service providers in the initial transport stages, all shipments exclusively with first-class ocean carriers and specialist departments for quick, smooth handling and clearance. All of these features round off our complete service package.

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If regular scheduled services do not serve the destination, we offer suitable transport through point-to-point shipment or carriage by tramp ship. This involves multi-purpose ships, or heavy-goods and heavy-lifting ships, which are suitable for the transport of extremely heavy goods. Depending on the required volume, we utilise the ship’s capacity either partially – as split charter - or entirely – as full charter. In the case of full charter, the entire freight area is available exclusively to us and we can also determine the entire passage of the journey to destination.

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We offer you the complete service from one source for the important aspect of warehousing: Storage, Transshipment, Consolidation, De-consolidation, Special transport-related storage, Order picking, Onward shipment, Neutralizations

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Whether conventional transport, or heavy, or special transport, Waterway Shipping Agency (S) Pte. Ltd. offers you a comprehensive range of products for overland freight. Whether you decide on a cost-effective version or place the emphasis on a particularly fast delivery, you can always rely on Waterway Shipping Agency (S) Pte. Ltd. for an individual solution.

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